Where most Vancouver hotels are going for the clean, contemporary look, Le Soleil is all ornate, over-the-top opulence. Think luxuriously swagged draperies, gilt-edged furniture, and plush, velvety, satiny upholstery, all in rich colors of red and gold. And patterns! You might find stripes, damask, and medallions all in the same space. This 1980s-era boutique hotel is conveniently located midway between Robson Square and the financial district and it is a somewhat overlooked little treasure. Unfortunately, because it is surrounded by much-bigger buildings, the all-suite guest rooms don’t have much of a view at all. Still, the service is exceptional, and the Copper Chimney Restaurant & Bar is a fine place to go for global fare—the new chef hails from India, so be sure to try the South Asian specialties, especially the naan flatbreads from the tandoor oven.