In 2014, one of Vancouver’s favorite restaurants moved to a new location, causing both great excitement and great trepidation among local fans. Excitement because the new place is bigger and has a patio; trepidation because the old place was, quite simply, perfect. Owners Nico and Karri Schuermans have made sure the new Chambar has all the charm of the old, which wasn’t too hard since they just moved next door. Besides, all the favorite dishes, like the spicy Congolese mussels and lamb tagine, are still on the menu, plus lots of new ones as well. The food is at first sight a strange combination of Belgian and Moroccan, but it’s a combination that works, at least in the talented hands of Michelin-trained chef Nico Scheurmans. Chambar is also known for its exceptional wine, beer, and cocktail list, and its location close to the Queen Elizabeth Theater and the two sports arenas ensures that this is always a busy spot with a vibrantly mixed crowd.