Vancouver has some truly exceptional Chinese restaurants, but few of them are downtown, making this a great choice if you want a taste of what Vancouver Chinese food is all about. This is one of four in a high-end chainlet of Cantonese banquet rooms. Unlike many of the big Chinese restaurants, which are designed to serve large family groups, this one has small tables for couples and foursomes. It’s a more modern, upscale Chinese eatery, with elegant screens and subtle lighting. As the style is Cantonese, you can expect mild, savory dishes, with a heavy emphasis on seafood. This location features many of the high-end ingredients beloved by well-heeled Asian gourmands, though they may be a bit exotic for some western tastes, things like sea cucumber, geoduck, birds nest, and squab roasted whole and served with the head on. Be sure to try the Peking duck, which comes in two courses, and the spicy deep-fried shrimp. Dim sum—the lunchtime meal of dumplings, noodles, and other small bites—is a great way to sample a bunch of dishes at a much more reasonable price.