Throughout the environs of Växjö and Orrefors, you'll find lots of separate and independent restaurant options. One of the most unique options involves an enduring dining tradition: This area is known for the age-old method of cooking fish, potatoes, and sausages in the cooling chambers of the glassworks. Inaugurated during an era when fuel was conserved with something approaching religious zeal, the tradition, known as Hyttsill, developed into a slow-cooking style that turned out simple, hearty, but succulent food, well suited to the hungry factory workers toiling in the cold.

This antique presentation is duplicated today as part of randomly scheduled evening entertainment provided by three of the region's biggest glassmakers. After the day's factory closings, usually around 3pm, trestle tables and simple chairs are carried onto the factory floor as a means of duplicating the simple communal meals of long ago. During the summer months, the large glassworks usually rotate the days and hours of their presentations.

Advance reservations are necessary, and per-person fees average 325SEK ($65/£33) for a full meal. The meals invariably include such traditional glassmakers' dishes as herring with cream and onions, roasted or baked potatoes (traditionally these were baked in the hot ashes produced as a byproduct of the firing process), pork sausages, mustard, bread and butter, local cheeses, and cheesecake.


As part of the package, the organizers of these events usually include live musical entertainment and demonstrations of glass blowing. Be warned in advance that this is very much a movable feast. Even during the peak of midsummer, there's likely to be only about three of them scheduled during any week; during the winter, they might occur only once a month as a specially arranged group event that individuals can attend if they reserve a spot in advance. To be certain of getting a place, phone each of the glassworks individually, or phone any of the tourist offices within the area, for information and confirmations. For reservations or information about meals served on the factory floor, call the Kosta Glassworks (tel. 0478/345-29), or the Orrefors Glassworks (tel. 0481/340-00).

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.