Sitting on the little island of San Giorgio Maggiore across from Piazza San Marco, this church is another Andrea Palladio masterpiece (see “Il Redentore” ), designed in 1565 and completed in 1610. To impose a classical front on the traditional church structure, Palladio designed two interlocking facades, with repeating triangles, rectangles, and columns that are harmoniously proportioned. Palladio also reinterpreted the interior with whitewashed stucco surfaces, an unadorned but harmonious space. The main altar is flanked by two epic paintings by Tintoretto, “The Fall of Manna,” to the left, and the more noteworthy “Last Supper” ★★ to the right, famous for its chiaroscuro. Accessed by free guided tour only (usually Apr–Oct only, times vary), the adjacent Cappella dei Morti (Chapel of the Dead) contains Tintoretto’s “Deposition,” and the upper chapel contains Carpaccio’s St. George Killing the Dragon.” To the left of the choir is an elevator that you can take to the top of the 1791 campanile—for a charge of 6€ —to experience an unforgettable view of the island, the lagoon, and the Palazzo Ducale and Piazza San Marco across the way.