The centerpiece to the 2008 renovation of the downtown Chateau Victoria, this sleek, modern cocktail lounge was chosen Victoria's best bar in 2013 by EAT Magazine, and in previous years has been named one of the top 10 cocktail lounges in the world. Jayce Kadyschuk and Kate McDonald continue to lead their staff behind the bar in producing the most exciting cocktails in Victoria. (Kadyschuk's Saffron Dolimint won the 2013 Art of the Cocktail's award for best cocktail.) The lounge offers a dozen "Global Cocktails" from Turkey, Russia, Thailand, Norway, and other far-flung centers of international cocktail culture. Clive's also has a dozen classic cocktails on the menu, as well as beer and wine from its large cellar. One of the keys to the lounge's success is its use of house-made bitters, syrups, and liqueurs, as well as freshly squeezed citrus fruit in its mixes. The kitchen provides a basic menu of steaks, pasta, and sandwiches, but be sure to try Clive's signature Kobe beef burger.