The recently-opened Victoria Public Market includes a handful of excellent restaurant counters, but this one is the best. Sutra is an offshoot of Vij's, the critically acclaimed, popular Indian restaurant in Vancouver. Sutra's 10-seat communal table, featuring a striking floral centerpiece, is always packed . Hang your coat over any available chair and line up for samosas, chicken curry, curried kale, gluten-free pakoras, and a handful of other bargain-priced entrees that come with basmati rice and two pieces of naan. For a pan-Canadian treat, try Sutra's poutine made with cassava fries, homemade paneer, and Punjabi lamb (or chickpea-and-tomato gravy). Order a sweet chai or fresh mango juice to accompany your meal, and bring the experience home with Vij's line of packaged spices, boil-in-a-bag meals, and best-selling cookbooks, all for sale at Sutra.