Their slogan is "Wars belong in a museum," and this place has seen many of them. Constructed in the 1850s it is the oldest state museum in Vienna and is a precursor to the Ringstrasse style, in red brick with towers; a fortress at the heart of the Vienna Arsenal. Aside from the permanent exhibits that delineate Habsburg military history—defeats as well as triumphs—there are changing exhibits about recent and current conflicts, like a 2014 exhibit on child soldiers. The fascinating Sarajevo room contains mementos of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on June 28, 1914, the event that sparked World War I. The archduke's bloodstained uniform is displayed, along with the couple's car speckled with bullet holes. Many  exhibits focus on the Austro-Hungarian navy, and frescoes depict important battles, including those against the Turks in and around Vienna. It's not all tanks and guns though. A special display case in front of the Franz Josef Hall contains the six orders of the House of Habsburg that Franz Josef sported on all public occasions.