This is where Vienna's most famous Secessionist and painter of the famous "Kiss" lived out his last days. In a green corner of Hietzing, a neo-Baroque villa was built at the site of Klimt's last studio (1911–18), which opened in September 2012 following a complete makeover. You'll find Moritz Nähr's original photos of the studio and garden, carefully reproduced furnishings, carpets, prints, and paintings, as well as Klimt's sketches of models. It's important to realize however that Klimt never lived in anything as luxurious as this Villa. The house that once stood in its place was a tiny garden cottage, an atelier at most. Much of the once-wild garden has also succumbed to more tame greenery, but with a little imagination you can still picture gorgeous ladies in flowing dresses and nonchalant up-dos, as depicted in portraits such as Adele Bloch-Bauer II and Frederike Beer, which Klimt painted here.