This is the ultimate hands-on museum. Here kids can touch, play with, and ask questions about anything in the museum. Exhibitions have general themes like the 2014 exhibit on the Middle Ages, where kids can pretend to be jousting knights or dress up as lords and ladies. There are programs for kids of all ages. Zoom Ocean is directed at ages up to 6 and aims to stimulate motor skills and cognitive and social abilities with a water mattress and mirrored tunnels. For kids 3 to 12, the Zoom Studio has workshops where burgeoning artists can try all the techniques that would take up too much space or be too messy at home or school. In the Zoom Film Studio, kids 8 to 14 can create an animated film together working in teams; the film is then incorporated into the museum's collection. There is also a children's lecture series called Zoom Science, where kids can find out anything from why the sky is blue to why lizards can grow a new tail. The Zoom team makes a special effort to stress social interaction and conversation about the children's experience. Advance booking is recommended for the programs as there is a limited number of participants.