You know you're a hipster when only secondhand is good enough and you need concrete walls and kitschy lawn furniture to feel truly at home. Brilliantengrund, at the heart of the boho 7th District, is hipster from head to toe. This area, flanked by MuseumsQuartier, Westbahnhof, and Mariahilferstrasse, used to be home to wildly successful silk manufacturers who flaunted their riches publicly, giving the spot its nickname "diamond grounds." The two flights of balcony that line the hotel's ironic courtyard is tidily overgrown with potted flowers and palm tress and just begs to be captured in a sepia-toned Instagram photo. The rooms are decked out in retro vintage furniture, spanning the 1950s to '80s and have either showers or tubs. The fact that it's family-run perhaps contributes to the vibe that you are staying with good friends. Mama cooks Filipino in the cafe, and Rene covers Austro-Mediterranean fare. Their cooking is not only enjoyed by guests, but by the whole neighborhood, which gathers for the Sunday brunch.