With modern luxury in a refurbished palace, this residence redefines living like royalty. Built in 1846 by August von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld (whose family managed to sire the House of Windsor and most of the monarchs of western Europe) as the dynasty's Vienna residence, this magnificent, sprawling palace was rebuilt after being wrecked by the occupying Russian army. The Residenz has only suites, the smaller and less expensive of which are contemporary, intensely design-conscious, and very comfortable. The more expensive are high-end posh, with pale satin upholstery and valuable antiques. All this grandeur is the personal property of an individual Austrian investor whose stated ambition involves the on-site compilation of the largest and most comprehensive wine collection in Europe. The Wine Archive spans six cellars with each dedicated to different cultures, and there are breathtaking tasting rooms to boot. No modern-day palace would be complete without a full-service spa with a pool, sauna, steam room, sun terrace, and fitness center reserved for residents.