It may seem strange that the city's homage to Viennese Expressionism (the Leopold Museum) pulsates with the echoes of dancing feet and a throbbing bass line, but that's exactly what happens here every Thursday through Sunday night. After 9:30pm, the museum's restaurant area fills up with 20- to 40-something denizens of the night. There's a revolving cycle of local and international DJs playing a mix of house, hip-hop, soul, and dub step as well as a good selection of cocktails, priced around €10. A second floor (downstairs) was added in 2006, which has a longer dance floor and a much more modern decor and more psychedelic lighting. Every second Sunday is Swing Sunday, where Lindy Hoppers (able or merely enthusiastic) take over. The club operates until between 2 and 4am, depending on business. In summer, there's also a charming terrace upstairs from the main entrance with an awesome view of the goings on in the busy MQ courtyard.