In German, puff means brothel and that was in fact this establishment's former claim to fame. Right off Gumpendorferstrasse on the way to the Naschmarkt, guests enter a foyer with a coat check leading to a pink-lit bar area. There is seating along the bar or in the cute booths across from it, with funky adaptations of kitchenware as decoration. The mood is deliciously low-key—Puff Bar doesn't pretend to be exclusive or particularly posh. The coat check is unmanned and free, cocktails start at €6.50, and prosecco, a drink that would empty wallets in any other "house with red doors," costs a mere €2.30 per glass. Even the beer is funky—a large Traunsteiner (a small brand from Munich) is tapped into casual stemless wine glasses and at €3.90, no one will go broke chatting up the odd Vienna socialite.