Famous for their quality and vivid colors, the local ceramics make for a perfect souvenir for yourself or a gift for someone at home. The town feels like an open-air showroom, with walls along the main streets lined with beautiful tableware, ceramics of all kinds, and shelves burgeoning with variously shaped bowls and vases. After an initial pass-through, you'll begin to see stylistic differences and be able to spot individual artists, each characterized by a proprietary pattern and color palette. Most artists sell directly from their premises in town, or in the nearby suburb of Molina, due north past the train station along Via Enrico De Marinis. In town, some of the showrooms belong to individual artists, while other boutiques sell pieces from a variety of artists. Some of them specialize by technique, depending whether the terra cotta is thrown or pressed (the latter uses a mold).

Recommended studios include Ceramiche Artistiche Pinto, Corso Umberto I 27 (tel. 089-210271); Vietritaly, Corso Umberto I 45 (tel. 089-211122; www.vietritaly.it); Solimene Ceramica, Via Case Sparse, Fontana Vecchia (tel. 089-210188; www.solimeneceramica.com); Tortora & Giordano, Via Travertino 17 (tel. 089-211894); and Antonio D'Acunto, Via Enrico De Marinis 33, Molina Di Vietri Sul Mare (tel. 089-211143). For pressed terra cotta we also recommend Cotto Artistico Vietrese, Via Travertino 17 (tel. 089-211894); Alfonso Fasano, Via E. De Marinis 45, Molina Di Vietri Sul Mare (tel. 089-211598); and Giuseppe Landi, Via Chellavanna 51, Molina Di Vietri Sul Mare (tel. 089-211819), whereas for thrown terra cotta, try Il Vasaio Vietrese Di Apicella Benvenuto, Via D. Taiani 110 (tel. 089-761152). We are very fond of the little goats that are the trademark of D'Amore, Via De Marinis 64; they have been imitated by many, so look for his signature on each piece. Most shops will ship your purchases home for you, but ask before buying.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.