Sandbridge is as close to the Outer Banks as you can get in Virginia. A long spit of land about eight miles south of Virginia Beach's oceanfront, Sandbridge is dominated by big houses—some with up to eight or ten bedrooms. At the south end, are the pastel-colored buildings of the Sanctuary. These are privately owned condominiums rented Saturday to Saturday in summer, and on weekends off season. Two- to four-bedroom units are decorated according to the owners' tastes but all have the same basic floor plans: balconies overlooking the ocean, spacious living spaces, and granite countertops and stainless  steel  appliances in the kitchens, washers and driers, and up to four bedrooms and four baths. Need lots of space? Penthouses have master bedrooms on two floors with jacuzzi tubs and infinity tubs an option. Corner units have four bedrooms and wraparound porches. You can check out all the units available for rent, as well as off-season rates, on the website.