No grander lodge ever existed on the African veldt, and the higher tariff returns to you in the form of a 24-hour safari. The hotel is built within a system of paddocks, so if you’ve got a Savannah view (they start at $409—careful that you don’t accidentally book a Standard one overlooking the parking lot), when you look out of your window, you’ll see whatever genial African animal is loping by at that moment, be it a giraffe, an ostrich, a zebra, or a warthog. You’ll find a game-viewing guide beside your room service menu. Because animals tend to be active in the early morning, when families are gearing up for their days, the idea works well. Like the Contemporary, anyone can visit, even if they’re not staying here; there’s even a public viewing area straight out the back door of the awe-inspiring vaulted lobby. Its principal drawback is its distance from everything except for Animal Kingdom; all connections are by road.