Built to attract convention crowds with a vibe to match, it nonetheless has fans for its subdued tone. The well-planted grounds, done in a hacienda style around a pond, are far-flung (some rooms are a 15-minute hike from the lobby, which gets old fast and bewilders children), and rooms, with kings (for two) or queens (for four), have a single sink, as at the Values. The food court is above average, though, as is the pool area (with a 123-foot slide) themed after a Mayan pyramid, and there’s a cool al fresco cocktail bar, Three Bridges, hovering in the center of the lagoon. The hotel is 10 minutes’ drive from any parks. If you need a room accessible for those with disabilities and the cheaper hotels are out of such units, you can try here, where there is an inventory of 99 accessible rooms. The new (bland-looking) 15-story tower has 500 more rooms (generally $40–$60 more). That gives some guests an option for fairly decent glimpses of Hollywood Studios in the middle distance, but in general the building isn’t well positioned for incredible views.