It's strange to spend $600 a night on a hotel room and then have to walk outside in the rain to reach the building it's in, but from a value standpoint, that tells you a lot. This is the Disney hotel with snob appeal, since the whole point is to put on a costume of exclusivity and luxury (two things Walt despised, which is why his hotels had populist themes) and brag about it when you get home. So it's encrusted with upper-class affectation, from high tea to a pianist tinkling away in a very pretty lobby (chandeliers, glass dome, wedding-cake balconies). It can't help but strum your imagination of what a white-glove Victorian grande dame hotel might have felt like, but anyone can enjoy that on a day visit without paying insane rates for what amounts to a 3-star room. There are vacation-making pluses I'd unreservedly celebrate here if money were no object, such as next-door access to the Magic Kingdom, gourmet restaurants, and an atmosphere more romantic than at any other Disney hotel.