Calling all tweens! Justin Bieber’s in the house! And OMG, is that Rihanna? On display throughout this museum are upwards of 100 lifelike wax figures, dressed and poised true to form, and grouped by theme: U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, Sports, Music, A-List Party, Cultural Icons, and Media and Entertainment. You can pretend to spar with Evander Holyfield, mingle with Jimmy Fallon, dance with Beyoncé, and shake hands with President Barack Obama. Said to be the most interactive of the 24 Madame Tussauds around the world, the D.C. Madame’s best feature is its 3-D Presidential Gallery, which arranges each of the 45 presidents with important historical figures of that day, at important moments in their presidencies. With the use of interactive devices and fun props, the gallery creates an entertaining learning experience targeted to children. Kids can try on period costumes and join George Washington in his boat crossing the Delaware River, or stand next to Woodrow Wilson and listen to the crowds cheer his arrival at the end of World War I.