You don’t have to be an adventurer yourself to enjoy the exhibits mounted at the National Geographic Society headquarters. It does help, though, if you’re a curious soul and appreciate the wonders of the natural world and of human exploration. Consider the museum’s permanent exhibit, “National Geographic: Exploration Starts Here,” displaying excavations of shipwrecks from the bottom of the ocean and video from the top of Mount Everest. From time to time, National Geo mounts a show that nobody can resist, like “Tomb of Christ” (through Jan 2, 2019), which employs a 3-D immersive film to take you inside and outside the newly restored 4th-century Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Christ’s burial place. In addition to its free permanent exhibition, National Geographic always has at least one free photography show in its M Street lobby location; otherwise, exhibits and most lectures, films, and performances charge admission.