"We are all born collectors of this one thing: words,” according to this museum’s founder Ann Friedman. We just don’t always know how to use or appreciate them. That’s where Planet Word’s mission comes in: to inspire and renew a love of words and language. The museum, opened in 2020 and aptly located in the building where Alexander Graham Bell first tested his photophone, features multi-sensory and physical activities all meant for visitors to explore the power of words. The third-floor gallery “Where Do Words Come From?” includes a 20x40-foot-tall word wall. Speak into one of the gallery’s four microphones and the word wall will respond to your voice and shape a story. In “Spoken World,” various stations are centered on a 12-foot-tall LED globe where ambassadors will introduce visitors to their native language through tongue-twisters, songs or sports chants. Other exhibits focus on poetry and real stories on the impact of words in everyday life. Outside, the museum’s sound sculpture is a weeping willow tree that triggers audio in several different languages and forms when you get close. The museum encourages visitors to reserve advanced entry passes online; these are released each month on the first of the month. A limited number of walk-up passes are also offered every hour on the half-hour.