The District now has two micro-hotels, but the Hotel Hive was the first (the Penn Quarter’s Pod Hotel is the other), and it is adorable, from its tagline—“Buzz More. Spend Less.”—to its individual decorative elements that cleverly maximize the use of space. Let’s start with the guest rooms, which average 150 square feet in size, with some a little smaller, some a little larger. Most rooms have queen beds, some have bunk beds, and all rooms have their own private bathroom. Pocket doors, cubbies beneath platform beds, and built-in nightstands and plasma-screen TVs help create an uncluttered feel. Hexagonal outlines suggesting hives crop up in carpet designs, headboard fabrics, and in bathroom amenities bearing the special Hotel Hive logo. The Hive concept derived in part from the 119-year-old building’s unique architectural feature, a hexagonal pocket punctuating the western end of each floor in the six-level structure. On the first floor, the hotel’s cool bar occupies the space, and beyond, joining up with &Pizza, a local favorite restaurant; on the rooftop terrace, the hive area is incorporated into a seasonal cocktail lounge with views of the Lincoln Memorial. On all other levels, the turret holds the best rooms in the house, with six windowed walls letting in lots of light, and connecting, if desired, to the bunk-bed room next door: voilà, instant suite. Although the budget rates and small rooms may speak most to millennials, families should consider the hotel, too. The Hive’s location is pretty sweet: at the edge of George Washington University’s campus, close to the Foggy Bottom Metro station, up the street from the Kennedy Center, and within walking distance of the National Mall. Note: The Hive does not offer parking, but its website directs you to nearby garages that allow reserve-ahead parking.