The Rouge comes by its name honestly, as you’ll note when you step across the red terrazzo tile floor in the lobby or take in the guestrooms’ red faux-leather headboards and bed frames covered with red-piping-bordered white duvets. The fun continues in the dressing room, which holds a brilliant orange dresser, with contents including a built-in minibar and goofy goodies like red wax lips. Spacious rooms easily accommodate Italian-style lounge chairs, pedestal nightstands modeled after Grecian columns, a huge mirror positioned to reflect the living-room-like space, and a 10-foot-long mahogany desk. Specialty rooms are available, including the Bunk Room, which has a space for Mom and Dad and a separate, cozy little nest of a bunk bed for the kids, with drapes to pull closed for privacy and secrets, and a tiny fridge stocked with kiddie treats.