The George is the best hotel closest to the Capitol. Celebrities often stay here, and not just those visiting Congress to plead the case for their pet cause. Big name musicians (ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones!) like The George, and this is interesting, because the hotel is not the most obvious choice. Its location is not the hotspot of, say, a Penn Quarter or Georgetown property. Nor is The George associated with the kind of over-the-top luxury of a Ritz-Carlton or a Four Seasons. Rather, The George offers playful personality, sumptuously comfortable guest rooms, and total discretion.  Speaking of those 260-square-foot guest rooms, they have a touch of whimsy to them, with their parchment and ink-stylized graphics of George Washington’s inaugural address on the wallpaper, and accent pillows based on GW’s original uniforms. The Capitol is a very pleasant 8-minute walk from the hotel. (Turn left outside the hotel and walk up the block to North Capitol St., turn right on North Capitol St., and then just head toward that big white building up in front of you.) The only other hotel closer to the Capitol is the Capitol Hill Hotel (see below), an entirely different kind of place. The hotel’s restaurant, Bistro Bis, is a longtime favorite among locals and visitors, big names or not.