Other hotels may be dispensing with in-room minibars, but not Kimptons and not the Topaz, whose honor bars in 2015 held goodies such as Honest Tea, Luna bars, and mineral water. And as with all Kimpton hotels, guests who sign up for the no-cost loyalty program receive a $10 credit toward a minibar purchase, as well as free Wi-Fi access. The minibar’s exotic teas and other soothing items give you a hint that the Topaz is aiming to be an “urban oasis, a warm and tranquil escape from the hustle bustle,” as the website helpfully points out. Decor throughout guest rooms leans toward tranquility, too: Comfy platform beds are triple-sheeted and topped with down comforters; furnishings are done in inky black and mesmerizing shades of purple, blue, and pale green; a yoga mat comes with the room. Rooms measure a generous 375 square feet; some have alcoves and dressing rooms. Best spots for quiet and views are N Street–facing rooms on the upper floors. Best spots for revelry are the Topaz bar to start with, then out to nearby Dupont Circle clubs for heartier times.