Al Tiramisu is a find, and those who have found it include George and Amal Clooney, Hillary Clinton, and Magic Johnson. I imagine celebrities like it for the same reason everyone else does: the infectious ebullience of chef/owner Luigi Diotaiuti, who bounces out from behind a curtain to greet you as you enter; the unpretentious feeling of this snug little restaurant, which is essentially one long room in the bottom of a Dupont Circle town house (you can also dine outdoors on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant); and a menu that includes excellently prepared grilled fish, house-made caciocavallo ravioli with butter and sage sauce, and grilled lamb chops. This is a place to come for romance, for cheering up, for having a good time with friends, and Tiramisu has been so obliging since it opened in 1996.