Inspired by the falafel shops of Holland, the owners opened their own D.C. version in 2004, and other locations since, including a shop in the U & 14th Street Corridors at 1830 14th St. NW. If you’re out clubbing in the neighborhood, do what D.C.’s barhoppers do and stop here for a snack at 2, 3, even 4am. The shop does a steady business all day among people who just love these toasted pita sandwiches stuffed with fried balls of mashed chickpeas, topped with as many of the 22 self-serve garnishes as you want, from crunchy onion to hummus. You’ll want to add an order of double-fried potatoes, which go best with a dab of Dutch mayo and a shake of Old Bay seasoning. You can dine in or on the patio, but most customers carry out.