Located across Lafayette Square from the White House, Bombay Club has been a favorite of one administration after the other (and the reporters who cover them) since it opened in 1988. This was Ashok Bajaj’s first restaurant in D.C., and though he has added a slew of well-reviewed dining rooms since, most notably Rasika, Bombay Club is special, a gracious veteran appealing to everyone. A pianist plays nightly in the dining room, which is decorated in hues of pale pink and yellow. You don’t have to be from India to appreciate the cuisine (although the Indians I know say it is the real thing). Among the popular dishes are the sweet corn and pea samosa, a savory snack served with banana-raisin chutney; the chicken tikka makhani, prepared with tomato, garlic, fenugreek, and ginger; dal makhani, a black lentil dish that is cooked for 16 hours; and Bengali fish curry, served with eggplant and spices. Speaking of spice, if you like things hot, try the green chili chicken. To sample an assortment of tastes, order a house thali.