Weather permitting, you should enjoy your croissant in the morning or steak au poivre at night at an umbrella’d bistro table on the sidewalk café. The experience comes with the sights and sounds of Washington, some compelling, like the view of the Capitol at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue (admittedly, you’ll have to crane your neck to see it), others not so much—Big Bus tour buses and Old Town Trolleys lumbering by. But the tastes on your plate will whisk you away to France, whether Provence by way of the salade niçoise or Burgundy via the boeuf bourguignon. For something more contemporary, try the chef’s specialty: seared sea bass and scallops, served with spinach corn chowder and candied bacon. When the weather is poor, you’ll find the many-windowed, blue banquette-lined dining room upstairs a comfortable place to enjoy your repast. A much smaller casual café is on the first level.