The greater Washington, D.C. area is said to have the largest Ethiopian immigrant community in America, so it makes sense that Ethiopian cuisine has found a place for itself in D.C.’s expansive dining scene. If you’re already a fan of Ethiopian food or are curious to try it, D.C. is the place. And Chercher, named for the mountainous region of Ethiopia known for its beef and vegetables, remains among the best. Ethiopian expats I’ve met routinely rave that Chercher is as close to their grandmother’s home cooking as one can get in the city. Vegetarians, especially, love the vegan platter: yellow and black lentils, sautéed beets, greens, salad, yogurt, and sautéed cabbage. The special kitfo (beef) mixed with Chercher’s homemade cottage cheese, herbal butter, cardamom, and mitmita (chili powder), can be ordered raw, medium, or well done, and arrives with more than enough injera (flat Ethiopian bread). Chercher also operates a second location in the Maryland suburb of Bethesda.