You’d never guess this kind of place might exist in wild and woolly Georgetown, and it’s right in the thick of things, too, on Wisconsin Avenue, just past Blues Alley. Although it’s been here since 1998, many locals don’t even know about Ching, and maybe that’s why there’s never a line. You’re here for an authentic tearoom experience, where the emphasis is on enjoying tea in a tranquil environment. The skylit space is furnished with cushioned platform seating and chairs set at rosewood tables. Try one of the flowering teas, listed among Artisan Teas, in which the brewed tea opens up a jasmine or orange blossom. Seventy teas in all are listed: scented, black, green, oolong, decaffeinated, tisanes, you name it. A short list of menu options ranges from the $5 Mongolian dumpling to the $14 tea meal (soup, rice, marinated cold vegetables, and a main dish, such as mustard miso salmon.) A fine selection of teaware products gifts is for sale.