This glass-enclosed bistro sits at the corner of 4th and Tingey streets right across the road from Bluejacket Brewery. Weekdays, this part of town is a workaday world, with not much of interest for the tourist. If it weren’t for the presence of the Anacostia River and Nationals Park, you might imagine yourself in a modern suburban development complex. At lunchtime, Chloe offers a $10 menu to eat at the bar or on the patio or to carry out. (I enjoyed a delicious barbecued pork and noodle bowl with roasted peanuts and cucumbers, a steal for the price.) But nighttime and weekends are really when the restaurant, like the rest of the neighborhood, comes alive. Happy hour’s a crush, as is weekend brunch. Dinner’s the winner, with favorite dishes including roasted cod with tastes of coconut, curry, and ginger; seafood gumbo with Andouille sausage and sassafras; and roasted asparagus and mushrooms topped with béarnaise sauce. The cuisine is multi-culti American, drawing from diverse cuisines, New Orleans to India, Vietnamese to Lebanese. This is what America tastes like, you might say.