The greater Washington, D.C., area is said to have the largest Ethiopian immigrant community in America. Ethiopian cuisine, likewise, has found a place for itself in D.C.’s expansive dining scene, as immigrants eager to introduce Washingtonians to the authentic tastes of their country open restaurants. In other words, if you’re already a fan of Ethiopian food or are curious to try it, D.C. is the place. And Ethiopic remains among the best, especially for those who like to enjoy their meal in a pretty setting with a nice glass of wine. Vegetarians, especially, rave about the veggie sampler: simmered collard greens; curried potatoes simmered with red onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper, olive oil, and herbs; split lentils in a spicy sauce; and yellow split peas with onions and herbs. Located at the corner of H and 4th streets, it’s also a great people-watching spot (in good weather, ask for sidewalk seating).