The greater Washington, D.C., area has become a hotbed for vegetarians, and based on the number of restaurants catering to plant-based eaters that have opened recently, it shows. But even non-vegetarians find this restaurant a treat. James Beard Award nominees Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby opened this “vegetable restaurant” in 2018, and it’s been a hit since for presenting veggies in new and interesting ways, and for keeping texture in its dishes. No mushy green stuff here. Highlights of the menu include the avocado stuffed with pickled cauliflower in a crispy “rice” shell, and rutabaga fondue served with hot pretzel bread and pickled veggies. The spicy dan-dan noodles tossed in a red chili sesame sauce and topped with five-spice mushrooms are also primo, as is the chermoula tofu, plated beautifully with a smear of eggplant puree and olives. Try the natural wines or craft sodas, like the Dr. Beet with beet and orange or the paradise falls with club soda, ginger and lime. With its gin, strawberry, yuzu and aquafaba foam, the Foam It In tastes like summer. Delicious and fresh.