Enter Hill Country Barbecue and you leave official Washington at the door. It’s just not possible to cleave to lofty attitudes and politicking when Jumpin’ Jupiter or some such band are playing up a storm, as you make your way through a mess of dry-rubbed Texas barbecued ribs (“smoked low and slow over Texas oak”), skillet corn bread, and sweet potato bourbon mash. Meats are priced by weight, from $6.25 per half-pound of barbeque chicken to $18 per pound of brisket; sides range in price from $4.95 for a standard serving of coleslaw to $11 for a large serving of mac and cheese. You place your order upstairs in the cafeteria/kitchen, and then carry it to your seat, either in the large dining room adjoining the cafeteria or to your table downstairs. I recommend the downstairs. That’s where the lively Boots Bar is; it’s also the stage for bands and Hill Country’s famed Live Band Karaoke on Wednesday nights. Toss back a few Lone Stars, grab a friend, and see if you can wow the crowd with your voice. Families, however, will want to stay upstairs.