Stop by Maketto during the day and you’ll find locals seated at tables and counters throughout the place—in the downstairs restaurant, the upstairs café, the open kitchen, the courtyard, and the roof deck—typing away on laptops, a cup of coffee and a sticky bun within reach. (All of the baking is done in-house.) They look like they live here, and that’s the idea says director of sales Guari Sarin. “We want people to feel at home,” she says. Also to order food, of course. Maketto is first and foremost a restaurant, one of several operated by chef Erik Bruner-Yang, including two at the newly opened The Line hotel in Adams Morgan. Favorite items include pork steamed bao (a delicious doughy bun filled with shredded pork in hoisin sauce), crispy dumplings with braised beef, flash-fried broccoli with peanuts, and Taiwanese fried chicken, a crispy sweet and spicy version served atop bread. Maketto grows livelier as the day progresses. This is the nightlife-happy Atlas District, remember. Other things to note: Maketto sells men’s contemporary ware and stages assorted events, from Sunday yoga classes to evening comedy shows.