A neighborhood fixture for nearly 90 years, this tavern has served presidents, dignitaries, and Hollywood stars, but it’s best known as the place where JFK, then a U.S. senator, proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier on June 24, 1953. Hard-backed wooden booths line the walls of the restaurant, and many bear plaques identifying the former president or famous person who dined within; #3 is the “Proposal Booth.” Fourth-generation Billy Martin, Jr. works the room, mingling with the regulars who frequent the place. “Tavern” is exactly the word to describe Martin’s food, which is a bit on the traditional side (just like the tavern): Shepherd’s pie and eggs benedict are listed, and so is Martin’s Delight, which is roasted turkey on toast, smothered in rarebit sauce. Martin’s offers a bit of old-guard Washington and Georgetown you’re not going to get anywhere else, and that’s mostly why I recommend it.