If you like surprises, then this American steakhouse is not for you. But if you like what you know, and what you like is steak, then this is the best place for it. This casual restaurant has been serving the same thing for 9 years—and it’s not changing anytime soon. The menu is always a prix-fixe selection of rustic bread, mixed green salad, and culotte steak (a sirloin strip) with “secret sauce” and hand-cut fries, and it’s delicious. (A grilled portobello mushroom is available off-menu for vegetarians.) The only decision you have to make is whether to get the apple pie, key lime pie, hot fudge sundae, double chocolate fudge three-layer cake, or six-layer carrot cake for dessert. The prix-fixe brunch menu (with a whopping five choices) is also meat-heavy: steak and eggs with “the perfect poached egg,” egg frites and sausage, and French toast and sausage. Sit outside along Connecticut Avenue; yes, it can be noisy, but it’s ideal for people-watching. Other locations are in and the suburbs of Bethesda, Maryland, and Arlington, Virginia.