This Neapolitan pizzeria has sat solidly on “best pizza in D.C.” lists for years. The problem was, it was out in the suburbs, and you needed a car to get to it. Not anymore! In 2020, Pupatella opened its first location in Washington-proper, right next to foodie hotspot Anju. The large corner outpost has a generously sized patio, plus to-go windows if you’d rather eat your pie elsewhere. The pizzas are on the smaller side; I usually order one per person. Favorites include the prosciutto and arugula pizza, the Margherita DOC, and the spicy salami–topped Diavola. They also have the best arancini in D.C.; you can get the fried risotto balls with sausage or eggplant. Finally, if you have a sweet tooth I have two words for you: dessert pizza. Try the Nutella and green apple pizza, sprinkled with powdered sugar.