Turns out tater tots are a fabulous accompaniment to sushi, sashimi, noodles, and Sapporo beer. That’s one of the lessons learned at Sticky Rice, one of the older restaurants in the Atlas District (it’s been around for 6 years) but still one of the hottest. All sorts—girlfriend groups, families, couples, and hipsters full of attitude—flock to this sprawling, casual, three-storefront Asian eatery. Lesson 2? Entertainment along with food will keep a place popular. So when you head to Sticky Rice, expect all sorts of interesting things to be going on, like screenings of old Jamie Lee Curtis movies and karaoke nights. All of this doesn’t overshadow the food, which includes elaborately presented and fresh-tasting sushi; noodle dishes of all sorts (like one with a topping of spicy shrimp and coconut, or the noodles in a mock-chicken Szechuan entree that vegetarians love); and those terrific tater tots. Order a bucket ($9.89) for the table, or a side ($5.66) for two people, of either regular or sweet potato tots.