It’s cheap, it’s loud, it’s authentic, and it’s delicious. Veteran restaurateur Victor Albisu has opened a round of Taco Bambas in the suburbs, but this is his first in the District, and it draws a steady flow of customers throughout the day. People come here for breakfast tacos and huevos rancheros in the morning, and margaritas, guacamole, and carnitas tacos at dinnertime. Sit to the left of the entrance to place your order at the counter and carry it to your table; or sit in the bar to the right of the entrance for table service. Either way, your menu options are the same. Choose from the list of about 20 different tacos, all freshly made and flavorful, half “traditional” (braised pork, goat, beef and chicken fillings) and half “nuestras” (creative versions such as the “Sid Vicious,” sort of a spicy fish and chips taco, or the “T ‘N T,” with crispy beef tongue and tripe). Be sure to order guacamole, which is blended from roasted avocados, and one of the specialty drinks. Choose from alcoholic, such as the strawberry cilantro margarita, or non-, like the house-made grapefruit “soda.”