Fans call Tailup Goat “Rose’s Luxury with reservations.” It has the same warm and whimsical vibe, as well as a menu of otherworldly combinations of tastes, similar to what you’ll find at that Barracks Row restaurant. At Tailup Goat that means plates of asparagus with granola, carrot ravioli with diced apricots and pistachio breadcrumbs, and whole stuffed porgy with acqua pazza and spicy bomba rice. Let me translate that last dish: porgy = a kind of fish also known as bream, acqua pazza = tomato-garlic broth, bomba rice = a delicate Spanish rice. If there are more than two of you, you’ll want to sit at a table in the dining room, with its view of the open kitchen at the back. But if you’re dining alone or with a pal, sit upon a cushioned stool in the cozy bar where you’ll be coddled and amused by the charming bartenders. It’s also the place you can snag a seat if you haven’t snagged a reservation (the bar is reserved for walk-ins).