Ted’s Bulletin calls itself a family restaurant, and it is, it is, but what you should be prepared for is that some of the “children” who come here are in their 20s and 30s and they’re drinking milkshakes laced with rum and raspberry schnapps (“Buzzed Berries”) or maybe vodka and Kahlúa (“Nutty Professor”). So it can get rowdy. What you’ll enjoy, besides the retro decor, is the well-done, comfort food menu: grilled cheese, tomato soup, creamed corn, mac and cheese, barbecued chicken, ribs, chili, sloppy joes, and breakfast items (which are served all day). Ted’s Bulletin is so popular that it opened a second location in summer of 2013 at 1818 14th St. NW (tel 202/265-8337), in the U&14th Street Corridors. One warning: Sometimes those waiting in line to get in have attitude problems (think the movie Mean Girls), so save yourself from possible aggravation by making a reservation.