At some point you may need a break from early American history, especially if you have kids in tow, so head over to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, a 360-acre family entertainment park. Little mental effort is required to enjoy shows, festivities, and more than 50 rides, including the world-class roller coasters Apollo's Chariot and Alpengeist. Young children will especially enjoy the Sesame Street Forest of Fun, which has rides their own size.

Arrive early -- but try not to come when it's raining, as some rides may not operate. Bring comfortable shoes; and, remember, you will get wet on some of the rides, so wear appropriate clothing. As soon as you're through the turnstiles, pick up a copy of a park map and the day's activity schedule, which tells what's showing and when at the entertainment venues. Then take a few minutes to carefully plan your time -- it's a big park with lots to see and do. Busch Gardens changes every year, so be on the lookout for new attractions.