Prices to visit this water park are high, similar to other parks affiliated with Xcaret. Unless you’re willing to splurge on more than one park, skip this one in favor of the more extensive offerings at Xcaret. But, if nature is your main interest, choose Xel-Ha.  The centerpiece is a large, beautiful lagoon where freshwater and saltwater meet. You can swim, float, and snorkel in beautifully clear water surrounded by jungle. A small train takes you to a drop-off point upriver, and you float back down on water moving calmly toward the sea. With no waves or currents to pull you around, snorkeling here is more comfortable than in the open sea, and the water has several species of fish, including rays.

The park rents snorkeling equipment and underwater cameras. Platforms allow non-snorkelers to view the fish. Even better, use the park’s Snuba gear, a contraption that allows you to breathe through 6m (20-ft.) tubes connected to scuba tanks floating on the surface. Like Snuba but more involved is sea-trek, an elaborate plastic helmet with air hoses that allows you to walk around on the bottom, breathing normally, and perhaps help to feed the stingrays. These and other activities including manatee and dolphin encounters cost an additional fee.

Other attractions include a plant nursery and an apiary for the local stinger-less bees. All-inclusive admission includes meals, drinks including an open bar serving national beverages, use of snorkeling gear, inner tubes, life vest, shuttle train to the river, and changing rooms and showers. Web deals are often available.