This old-timer with a fiercely loyal clientele was long the fanciest (if extremely rustic) places to stay along the coast. The first rooms resembled Maya nas (huts) with thatched roofs, concrete floors, and thin mattresses. Conditions have grown more confortable over the years, and red-tile roofed bungalows with kitchenettes are spread arout dense gardens. All rooms have purified water jugs, negating the need for piles of disposable plastic bottles. A small beachside hotel also has kitchenette facilities and somewhat fancier furnishings, but there’s nothing elegant or luxurious here. The decor is more about beachside practicality, providing a comfortable space where sandy feet and wet bodies won’t cause any harm. The Internet can be spotty, but works fine in the Lol-Ha restaurant. The hotel also books condos and villas with multiple bedrooms and a shared pool on Half Moon Bay. The two gift shops display some of the finest folk art and jewelry you’ll find in the Riviera Maya. Visiting the restaurants and shops will get you past the guards into free parking lots. Return guests tend to spend weeks in their favorite cottages. Book early for a spot close to the beach.