The largest and best-preserved city wall in China is definitely worth a visit. The pieces of the wall have recently been reconnected so that you can do the 14km (8 3/4-mile) loop around it by foot, bicycle, or a golf cart. The walls were built during the early Ming dynasty, on the remains of Tang palace walls. The original city walls were much farther out, well past Da Yan Ta. The surrounding moat has recently undergone an extensive clean-up and is fringed by a narrow strip of parkland popular with tai chi practitioners, dog-walkers, and young couples. The South Gate (Nan Men) is the best place to start your exploration. Individual (¥20) and tandem bicycles (¥30) may be rented (per 100 min.) from here, or just east of Heping Men. A ride on a golf cart around the wall costs (¥50). To do the entire loop takes 3 to 4 hours by foot, less than 2 hours by bicycle, or 1 hour by cart. The wall provides little protection from sun or wind, so dress accordingly.