Within easy walking distance of the resort area, 10 minutes past the Chaoyang Holiday Villas, this area is open during both the daytime and the evening when the delicate pattern of stellar embroidery matches the splendor of the mountains.

Towering behind Spirits Peak Temple (Ling Feng Si) is the 270m-high (886 ft.) Husband and Wife Peak (Fu Qi Feng) which does actually resemble a couple in each other's arms. The real show-stopper here though is the Goddess of Mercy Cave (Guan Yin Dong). I am usually rather blase about temples, having seen so many reconstructions and fakes around China. This, on the other hand, is a very impressive experience: 10 stories of wooden timbers measuring 113m (371 ft.) high, 14m (46 ft.) wide, and 76m (249 ft.) deep built inside the long vertical crevasse that reaches into the rock face. Prepare to be amazed in the top level of the cave, where hundreds of small Buddhas perch on tiny ledges. The rest of the park deserves plenty of attention too. The Fruit Box Bridge (Guo He Qiao) is especially charming, although the Plough Cave (Bei Dou Dong) could not really live up to Guan Yin Dong. Wandering around the park, I really liked the aptly named "air-condition cave," which had clouds of cold mist gushing out of it.