A stone’s throw from the steaming stair-step Mammoth terrace formations, this complex’s historic buildings (the oldest date back to 1911) and jaunty striped buntings take you back to the era when cars were new inside the park. Historic touches—think clawfoot tubs in some rooms and the lounge’s elaborate wooden U.S. map—extend inside the hotel as well, but rooms are generally updated and streamlined, with simple wooden furniture and accents. Cottage-style cabins with small patios cluster behind the hotel; four of them come with private outdoor hot tubs. Some cabins and a few hotel rooms have shared baths, but all hotel rooms have their own bathrooms. On the uniqueness scale, the hotel sits somewhere between the show-stopping appeal of Old Faithful Inn and Lake Yellowstone Hotel and the no-nonsense lodging at Grant Village, but its proximity to attractions, trailheads, and guided tours make it a worthwhile base for a night or two. Plus, it’s one of two park properties open in the winter.